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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

 Utilizing evidence best practice and principles derived from Applied Behavior Analysis to implement systematic strategies that are individualized according to the learner. Discrete Trial Training (Lovaas Method), Natural Environment Training (NET), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), with a great emphasis on decreasing inappropriate socially significant behavior and working towards increasing appropriate replacement behaviors and adaptive skills. The main focus of Early Intervention ABA is to decrease problematic behavior and focus on the “Learning to Learn" skills in order for quality, meaningful learning to occur. Client programs are developed based on assessment, evaluation, and observation. Including active supervision by the BCBA, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), Behavioral Programming, and individual programs developed based on the needs supported by assessment. 

The Social Adaptability Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis

The Social Adaptabiltiy Approach to Applied Behavior Analysis implements strategies and procedures that focus on “learning to learn” (attending skills), these are skills that are required for quality learing to occur. The Social Adaptability Approach breaks down attending skills into smaller components and targets learning on a generalizable scale. Social Adaptabilities Pivotal Skills- SAPS consists of pivotal “learning to learn” skills known as the pre-trial and inter-trial targets that are the beginning stages of therapy. Social Adaptabilities Critical Skills -SACS are programs composed of skills that are critical for generalization to occur. These skills are also known as behavioral cusps and pivotal behaviors. These skills are critical as they are necessary for further learning to naturally occur. Implementation of generalization rotations throughout the scheduled therapy session paired with data collection across environments and contexts to maximize generalization outside of the clinical setting. The Social Adaptability Approach encourages and influences adaption to real world situations so that our kids are prepared for those life situations as they naturally occur, possessing these skills will increase transferring new learning into their natural environment.

Parent/Guardian is responsible for additional community trip fees, this includes the client and therapist’s costs.